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Lonely Dreams

I never knew following dreams could be this lonely,
But up on the hill, looking back, thank God I'm not the old me.
If the tears will fall, let them be;
I believe this is God's plan, follow your dreams.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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Thanksgiving Day Prayer

Thanksgiving Day Prayer Today, dear Lord, we gather here In fellowship and love, Mindful of the wondrous gifts That come from thee above. For this feast, we thank thee, Lord… For health, that here abounds… For love, that fills and warms our hearts… For children’s happy sounds. For shelter of our cozy homes For freedom of this land For right to live the life we choose For nature’s bounty, grand. These blessings you bestow on us Outshine all want and strife. We thank thee, Lord for this day, We thank thee, Lord, for life. Sandra M. Haight ~2nd Place~ Contest: Thanksgiving Sponsor: Nayda Ivette Negron Judged: 11/19/2016

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2014

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In Late November

In late November every year
   there is a time we celebrate.
These days of bounty we revere;
   with family and friends relate.

There is a time we celebrate
   with joyous feasts of food and drink.
Near end of Autumn, there's a date
   that we address to make us think.

These days of bounty we revere;
   the fire aglow, sweet scent of food.
With family, we gather near
   for prayers of thanks and joyful mood.

With family and friends relate
   our joys of honoring this day.
The same next year, we will await
   Thanksgiving Day again, we pray.

Sandra M. Haight

~4th Place~ 
Contest: Shall We Retourne 
Sponsor: Debbie Guzzi 
Form: French Retourne 
Judged: 11/21/2015

Form: French Retourne
Four Quatrains, 8 syllables per line. The second line of the first stanza becomes the first line of the second stanza. The third line of the first stanza becomes the first line of the third stanza and the fourth line of the first stanza becomes the first line of the fourth stanza.

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

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Lifting Me Up

My heart is on Your shoulders,
And You are lifting me up.
With every spoken tender gesture,
I fall a little farther in love.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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Many years ago as we've been told 
Pilgrims landed on America shores
Remembered for their gifts of love
Shared with natives living there
Surviving those long winter months
Who would have thought
Their kindness would cross the seas
To our small Bahama Land!
We celebrate Thanksgiving
With turkey and pumpkin pie to!
It is a time to give God thanks
For richly blessing our Bahama Land!
The adoption of this tradition
Inspires us to reach out to those in need
And draw closer to our divine purpose
To be sincerely thankful for all God has done!

Copyright © Deborah Burrows | Year Posted 2011

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Fallen Victim

I have fallen victim so many times
To nobody's fault except only mine.
I will ask for forgiveness and have faith,
Even though I feel like I am not saved.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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Lord, I do not know what to do;
Please, lead me by Your side.
Decisions I'm facing are lost and through;
Please, lead me to do what's right.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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Enjoy This Place

Follow your dreams and follow your heart;
God has shown you the path to start.
Never give up and always have faith;
Do what you love and enjoy this place!

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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Embrace Thanksgiving Day

Peaceful time to reflect and pray
A time to appreciate life
Enjoy some of autumn's harvest
Savor pecan and apple pies

A time to appreciate life
Twenty-four hours to thank God
Gifts of wonderful kin and friends
Who fill our moments and hearts

Enjoy some of autumn's harvest
Sweet potato souffle's flavor
Fresh cranberry-orange relish
God's abundance with a sweet flair

Savor pecan and apple pies
Shared with happy smiling faces
God in His goodness let us live
To embrace Thanksgiving again

Inspired by Debbie Guzzi's contest
Written: October 17, 2015
4 line stanzas, 8 syllables per line, does not have to rhyme

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2015

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Thanksgiving Poem

The Indians and the Pilgrims.
We children do thank.
They've left us with more
than turkey and swank.

They taught us to share
from the Big to the small.
They remind us accept
that there's difference in all.

They taught us to sit
next to strangers we meet.
They taught us our history
depends who we greet.

They've given us fashion.
Put feathers in caps.
We've learned to make buckles
and pants held with straps.

They've surprised us with syrup
they tapped from our trees.
Then added to recipes
of bread just to please.

They've shown us the way
from the fields to the streams.
Made settlements neighbors:
Lands, honeys and creams.

They lived out their life
making each man they meet
look richer by far
just by going up to greet.

Remember to thank them
and ask them for more
because they taught us what giving
and sharing is for...

Copyright © Trevor McLeod | Year Posted 2014

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Another year has passed by

One more flower has bloomed 

Another dream is realized 

A horrible fear is doomed  

Your gifts, my divine Father 
Have been forever so great
Into the palm of your hands

I'm happy to put my fate!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
      15 August 2015

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2015

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To give thanks for a life given
May be all that we need today.
From bitter years born out of need
The U.S. has shown us the way.

   May be all that we need today
   Or is there something else we need?
   Our pain gave us the will to live
   How do we go to plant that seed?

From bitter years born out of need
Was planted a crop for harvest.
A crop that stood the test of time
Harvest was good...but the world's best.

   The U.S. has shown us the way
   Its spirit is what we should heed.
   "Thanksgiving" is not far away
   Thankful voices will sing God's creed.

written for Shall We Retourne Contest.

Copyright © Dan Cwiak | Year Posted 2015

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A Child's Thanksgiving Prayer

The children at the table,
all bowed their heads to pray,
and said what they were thankful for,
on this Thanksgiving day.

Then last to speak
was little wide-eyed Pegs,
"Thank you, Jesus," she prayed,
"for making turkey legs."

Copyright © Darlene Gifford | Year Posted 2014

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Happy Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving Day down in the States Here's to all my many Yankee friends Wish all you folks have a wonderful day All my good wishes I do send Florida was mostly my destination of choice The Gulf Coast almost exclusively Siesta Key is just a little south of Sarasota Where the theme is semi-nudity Those vacations are less common nowadays Money's not flowing like it once did However before the big man calls me upstairs Wish to relive my days as a kid Nostalgia I guess is what you would call it Actually been there on your Black Friday No offence but you guys are nutso “Sorry, didn't mean that!” he said slyly! Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving, I'll say it again Enjoy this day with your families There's nothing more loving and rewarding Than to share a day of geniality Here's to all my many Yankee friends! © Jack Ellison 2013

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2013

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Turkey Scoot

Run turkey, run!
The farmer's on his way;
Thanksgiving's 'round the corner,
And he ain't here to play!

You can crouch behind the sofa,
Or somewhere in the den;
The faintest little gobble,
Will surely do you in!

There's safety in the outhouse,
But that won't do no good;
The stench will kill you swiftly,
Quicker than a hatchet would!

Go slide beneath a tractor,
Or wiggle below some hay;
You're on the farmer's menu,
And he ain't got all day!

Dive into that mud pit,
Grunt like a dirty hog;
There ain't no sanctuary,
Inside a hollow log!

Try this on for size,
I'll tell you what to do;
Stand and face the farmer,
Then start to holler, "MOO!!"

He might say you're loco,
Your meat could make him sick;
It's the best that I can do,
I'd suggest you do it quick!

If this act fails you,
The dinner bell will ring;
I'll be at the table,
My favorite part's the wing!

Copyright © Milton Toran | Year Posted 2014

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Another year was drawing to a close.
I sat alone reflecting on the life
I'd loved and cherished for those many days
recalling every cause of joy and strife.

I thought of all those walks I took near home
and thanked God for the strength to walk each mile.
I praised Him for the town in which I live,
where I feel safe and neighbors wave and smile.

Then friends and loved ones occupied my mind.
How little time I'd spent with them! I vow
in two thousand sixteen I'll see them more.
If I rely on Him, He'll show me how.

When conflicts of the year confronted me,
reminding me of times I'd played a part
in making matters worse, I tried to push
aside those thoughts that plagued my troubled heart.

I had to ask forgiveness, for I know
it's my responsibility to be
promoter of good will with everyone.
Thank God for this new chance at harmony.

My reminiscing would be incomplete
if I gave my church family no praise.		
We worship God, who saved our souls, each week.
They are a blessing in so many ways.

To name each blessing of the year, I'd need
a ream of paper and a quart of ink.
I'd need to talk for days on end, but God
knows how I feel and everything I think.

I told the year goodbye, with smile and sigh,
as I was thanking God for food and health,
for all the seasons, and for giving me 
more than I need--in my opinion, wealth.

September 27, 2016


Copyright © Janice Canerdy | Year Posted 2016

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Thanksgiving Day

Once a year we gather but this year will be quite different, for fifty year’s my family has dinner at my grandparent’s home- But last March my grandpa died and it just won’t be the same, my poor grandma was left without her soulmate, lost and alone. An unfortunate circumstance happened last month, my grandma lost her balance, fell and broke her hip- Doctor said surgery wasn’t an option, her heart too weak, but she fought so hard and ended up living through it. So, this year Thanksgiving Day will be celebrated in a hospital, her children flying from all over the country to enjoy the holiday- Grandchildren and great-grandchildren there to celebrate too, and maybe we can all make her miss grandpa less in some way. All she asked for was nothing but a plate of sweet potatoes, my dear mother will use grandma’s secret Thanksgiving recipe- I’m sure she would love some stuffing and cranberries, along with my mother’s famous rotisserie turkey. Once a year we gather but this year will be quite different, no more Thanksgiving Day held at grandma’s homestead- I’m sure it will be difficult for her to spend it without grandpa, as she celebrates Thanksgiving Day in a hospital bed. November 15, 2016

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2016

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Thanksgiving Dinner

I said I'd bring the Brussel Sprouts.
My friend said that was fine.
But still I saw him questioning
as though I'd crossed the line.

He mentioned we had many things.
A meal for a king.
But then he said "Oh what the heck"
and on I went with zing.

I mentioned bringing cranberries.
To which he said "For beef"?
Then stated that I didn't care
and kept it just that brief.

Till finally bringing cherries up.
The Marashino kind.
Do tell; I'd brought his anger up.
He thought I'd lost my mind.

I said they're for the ice cream.
When he said "We have cake".
Then told him we could put them on
for something new to make.

He greeted me with smiling eyes.
His kitchen in a mess.
He'd cooked the meal the whole day long.
This man was meant to bless.

The table sat in waiting now.
A knife, a fork a spoon.
My friend next to the burners on
where he'd been next since noon.

We talked about the day we had.
complained of things unfair.
While turnips, carrots and potats
sat cooking on with flair.

The roast was last to finish up.
It cooked a second time.
It looked like we'd be waiting on
for pink to leave the Prime.

When finally all was ready now.
Each dish upon the table.
You couldn't have had a better spread
or find a friend more able.

The turnips shining in their juice.
The carrots basted glisten.
Potatoes mashed in pile of silk
for gravy left to Christen.

We filled our plates with everything.
Three inches piled high.
And kept them separate in their space.
Not more if we could try.

When finally it had come to change.
The cranberries coming next.
My friend conceded they taste great
with beef in it's context.

The Brussel Sprouts were perfect
as we both approved thier taste.
And ate as many with the meal
to keep them from their waste.

With everything we ate that night
included was our prayer.
For though we stuffed ourselves that night
we're thankfull to be there.

We walked it off an hour or more.
Our health in need of chance.
Returning for another round
of ice cream, cake and trance.

To which I mentioned sweetened cherries
to add a little flavor.
When placed upon the ice cream scoop
would leave us both to savor.

The meal ended with a scrape
that both our plates gave squeak.
but despite our prayer and being full
not one us could speak.

Copyright © Trevor McLeod | Year Posted 2016

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A Thanksgiving Wish

I wish I could sit ‘round the corner,
And take in all of the clamor;
I’d hear laughter and conversations,
I would hear what really matters!

I would hear dear familiar voices,
Distinctive laughs I would know right away.
Dinnerware clanging with silverware,
And the smells of Thanksgiving Day!!!

I would thank my God for family,
Both at home and those miles away.
If I could just sit ‘round the corner,
That would be a spectacular day.

What you have, when gathered together,
Is a gift every heart longs to share.
The gift of just loving each other,
And the prize of each person that’s there.

Though I’m not sitting there ‘round the corner,
My heart is most certainly there.
My love, adoration and thankfulness,
Is in spirit, at everyone’s chair.

I love you dear family, and send my best wishes:
For holiday health, wealth and mirth.
Tis Thanksgiving Day! Thank God for right now!
It’s the best seat to have on the earth. 

Copyright © Tom Valles | Year Posted 2013

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I Became a Fish

Texas A and M when I was in school You could only survive, if you were cool Things are so different from when I went there I have some examples I’d like to share An all military college back then Nothing but males were allowed to attend You’re called a “Fish” throughout you’re freshman year Or a “Frog” if at mid-term you appear A “Fish” has only one privilege per man To get away with anything he can If an upper classman treats a Fish wrong “Get-even” time may occur before long A “drown-out” is a favored revenge ploy But it takes two when it’s time to deploy One with the waste basket full of water One to slam /jam the door at the slaughter A “drown out” with plain water’s not so bad There’re other things that can make you so sad Like corn flakes soaked till they get gooey smelly Or slaughter house blood coagulated like jelly Another “get-even” I can recall Affected everyone down that hall Three Thanksgiving turkeys in a dorm room Four days later, a rotten stinky tomb There are so many stories I could tell Some are so bad that they wouldn’t read well Most of the years at college were a ball But my “Fish” year was the best of them all

Copyright © Charles Sides | Year Posted 2011

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Shall We Retourne

Shall we retourne now to China
Celebrate this coming new year 
To watch fire crackers and dragons
Spring festival season to cheer

Celebrate this coming new year
In fantastic Chinese style
Dance with farmers at temple fairs
Year of the monkey lets go wild

To watch fire crackers and dragons
Would surely be an awesome scene
Hanging red lanterns in the park
In the rich city of Beijing

Spring festival season to cheer
With silver ingots on our plates
Lots of delicious food and fish
And gifts of envelope’s await

© Copyright K.C.Leake
18 November 2015
All Rights Reserved

For The Contest

Copyright © kevin leake | Year Posted 2015

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Eyes To See

Life is never perfect
Troubles come our way
Some are here for a while
Others come to stay.

Conflict, setbacks, disappointment
These are all our fare
But in our times of trouble
There are those who care.

Precious family members
Who take us as we are
When our need is greatest
They are never far.

The sound of children’s laughter
A tiny baby’s cry
A kitten, softly purring
A rainbow in the sky.

A peaceful Sabbath morning
Hearing church bells ring
Choir music so sweet
It makes the heart sing.

We fail to see the flowers
Just complain about the weeds
God’s blessings are there
Only for those who see.

His beauty all around us
Warmth, comfort, leisure, play
Flowers, trees, rivers, mountains
Quiet nights and bright new days.

Copyright © Cona Adams | Year Posted 2014

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The Revolution

Douglas T. Winkle,
Wasn't wrapped too tight;
He escaped from Dizzy Acres,
One cold November night

He raced to Harper's Farm,
Opened its massive gates;
Turkeys scattered to and fro,
Flooding the interstate!

He stripped down to his boxers,
Wielding a stick in hand;
Danced around in circles,
Like the leader of a band

"Go, my feathered friends!!"
Douglas screamed with glee;
"No more turkey casseroles!!"
"Upon this day, you're free!!" 

Traffic stacked for miles,
Invading the peaceful town;
Every, tom, chick, and hen;
Was running 'round and 'round!

The dust began to settle,
Law enforcement gained control;
And when they captured Douglas,
They took pity on his soul

Cozy in a padded cell,
His torture met its end;
They gave him an ugly turkey,
For comfort as a friend

Take a trip to Dizzy Acres,
Peek in room thirty-three;
It's the REAL dumb and dumber,
Oh, what a sight to see!

Copyright © Milton Toran | Year Posted 2014

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Thank you dear God
For peace that flows;
Thank you dear Lord
For joy that shows.

Thank you for rhymes,
For words that come;
For muse and chimes,
For form that sums.

Thank you for cheer,
For pulse and feel;
For love right here,
For play that heals.

Thank you for wit,
For laugh and quest;
For lines that fit,
For wit and rest.

Thank you for smiles,
For simple daze;
For thoughts worthwhile,
For this mind maze.

Thank you for flings,
For hurl and swirl;
For funny things,
For crazy world.

Thank you for strange,
For quirky glitch;
For wholesome range,
For queasy pitch.

Thank you for urge,
For tides that flood;
For groove and purge,
For surge of blood.

Thank you for poise,
For sweet-sour taste;
For primal voice,
For gall and haste.

Thank you for wit,
For storms that come;
For wondrous bits,
For work that farms.

Thank you for ease,
For cheery calm;
For pleasant lease,
For sensuous balm.

Thank you for charm,
For succinct ways;
For health that sums,
For touching stay.

Thank you for more,
For heart aligned;
For ample stores,
For flavours fine.

Leon Enriquez
02 Apr 2014

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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Thanksgiving Day will soon be here.
Our thanks list we prepare.
Forgive us for the grief we feel
At one more empty chair.

You never promised we’d be free
Of sorrow and of woe.
You  pledged only you’d be with us
As through the trials we go.

At each sad step we took, dear Lord
We felt you by our side.
We are grateful for your presence
In all the times we’ve cried.

Now although we are all missing
His presence and his smile,
We are thankful that you lent him
For just that little while.

Our hearts are full of thankfulness
For all things You have  given.
And  for the one  whom we  so loved,
Who’s with you  now, in Heaven.

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2011

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The Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

You have to take the legs and hold them open
Careful not to separate the legs too wide
Make sure there’s nothing blocking the entrance
Then get your stuffing and stick it inside.

Make sure the oven has been warmed up a while
You want to make sure this is done just oh so right
Take the legs again and tie them together.
Yeah, that’s it, don’t worry, it can’t be too tight.

You want to butter the skin to retain the moisture
Never do you want it to burn and just dry
Carefully season with all you have to offer
Stick it…in the oven and let out a sigh.

Now, the time that it takes is oh so important
You never want to rush and leave it not yet done
Carefully watch and occasionally baste it
Savor the juices! Just let them run!

Be ever so careful when it has finally finished
You’ll want to take it out and let it sit for a spell
Cover it up though, with a nice wet warm towel
Take it slow, you’ll eat and know it was done so well!

Copyright © Michael Degenhardt | Year Posted 2008

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Thank you dear God
For thoughts that wing;
Thank you dear Lord,
For heart that sings.

Thank you for time,
For sacred space;
For precious rhymes,
For joys that trace.

Thank you for smiles,
For inner cheer;
For words that style,
For happy here.

Thank you for grace,
For touch that stays;
For light to face,
For pulse and play.

Thank you for peace,
For path that comes;
For simple ease,
For voice that sums.

Thank you for tears,
For humbling pain;
For heart that steers,
For life made plain.

Thank you for joy,
For merit here;
For inspired ploys,
For gift of cheer.

Thank you for grief,
For sorrow's sway;
For pain made brief,
For health that stays.

Thank you for light,
For radiant glimpse;
For vibrant sight,
For fragrant dream.

Thank you for time,
For sojourn here;
For soulful chimes,
For blessings near.

Thank you for wealth,
For choice and voice;
For grand, good health,
For praise and poise.

Thank you for soul,
For lively forms;
For spirit whole,
For sacred norms.

Thank you for pulse,
For life and quest;
For kind impulse,
For breath and zest.

Thank you for tact,
For good and bad;
For urge to act,
For calm and mad.

Thank you for now,
For moments here;
For work and plough,
For festive cheer.

Leon Enriquez
06 Mar 2014

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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Thanksgiving Guests

Gathered ‘round the Thanksgiving table, Are the folks who are dearest to me. I know, as they talk to each other, They aren’t seeing the faces I see. Grandpa and Grandma, and uncles and aunts And a few even closer than those, Are indelibly written on a memory page, In a book that I can’t bear to close. I lovingly gaze at these dear ones, Toward faces that aren’t really there. With thanks to our generous Maker, That another has filled up each chair. I cover my sadness with gladness, Amused at their jokes and their quips. Trying not to let on that my thoughts are far gone, To the pictures fond memory flips.. Just the last year, he was with us. The one who’s the most on my mind. I vainly search those at the table. That missing, beloved face to find. My daughters and precious grandchildren, Bow their heads for my Thanksgiving prayer. Praising the Lord for those present, Remembering the ones who aren’t here. This day, too, will soon be a memory, I shall add to my burgeoning book, And when this day is done and I am alone, I’ll turn each page for a comforting look.
By: Joyce 10/24/2000

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2011

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Thanksgiving Turkey

Only turkey feeds Thanksgiving Day
the way a stuffing fills.
With drumsticks poking through it's ribs
like every hunger kills.

All basted through a buttered skin
you've sealed inside for taste.
Now sitting plump within it's juice
as flavor runs to waste.

A succulence of tight meat bird
enthusiasm boasts.
As spirits rise Thanksgiving Day
when this bird slowly roasts.

Copyright © Trevor McLeod | Year Posted 2017

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Hope Lodge

Welcome to the Lodge of Hope
A fine staff awaits your meeting
Courage and faith are introduced
As virtue upholds the greeting

Diagnosis for extended stay
Prep with knowledge of chemical war 
Reflecting on acquaintance familiar
My dear mom lodged here months before

Festive parties invite kind reception
Embrace found in song’s revelry
Catching streamers of social confetti
Entertainment eludes life’s injury

Friendship courts a thanksgiving spirit
Radiating beams that fuse plans for a cure
Wreaths of holly adorn three shiny heads
As best wishes tap dance through the door

Restoration served with affection
When a New Year kneels to the floor
Covered with timeless impressions
Left to foster the guests before

Aid through local perspective
Proves beneficial still
As traumatic events integrate
Preserving courage and goodwill

Carry homeward inspiration
Gently wrap and lace with rope
A memento of reflections
Presented in the Lodge of Hope

Copyright © Jacqueline Fitch | Year Posted 2005