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Fun Halloween Poems | Fun Poems About Halloween

These Fun Halloween poems are examples of Fun poems about Halloween. These are the best examples of Fun Halloween poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Free verse |



Carving the pumpkin, oh such fun
How they danced when dad was done

Twisted mouth with large, black eyes
To scare the kids, then pumpkin pies

Hear those darlings on the street
Tiny fingers, tiny feet

Soon they’ll ring the bell and shout
“Trick or treat.      Hand outs!”

But see old moon, he’s hanging high
A big gold searchlight in the sky

Just peeping o’er, the sun has set
With rosy, glorious hue, and yet,

A solar quake now rumbles forth
Spewing flame toward the earth

Those fiery rays have stirred the dead
The night is bright, the moon is red

Check the time – it’s nine o five
Jack O Lanterns come alive

Oh, how they cry, each frightened child
Belegged pumpkins running wild

I’ll tell you how kids went to bed
Twas in the ground without a head

Those empty gourds were hearty fed
The night was cursed, the moon was red

Moo haha!    haha!   haha!   hah OH
Haha!     haha!     haha!    HAH!

Dave Austin

Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

On Halloween Night

I hear the October winds whispering and I think it knows,
as the witching hour arrives and a harvest moon glows,
only once a year, do we celebrate death on Halloween night,
it is a time for remembrance, and not a time for fright.

As dead leaves come to life, once more, somehow they know,
on the twisted claw-like branches, I see the excitement grow,
black bats take their flight and wise owls call out to you,
it seems strange, but I imagine that they all know, too.

I ask you now, my dearly departed ancestors, to arise,
come and dance with me, there is no need for disguise,
on this one dark, Halloween night, it is the only time,
when we can feel truly alive and so morbidly sublime.

Let me wipe away the ancient moss from your tombstone,
come forth with dust and decay, your shroud and bone,
feel the warm glow from this carved out jack o' lantern,
and watch his lit, grinning soul, may it flicker and burn.

You must still remember the candy corn's sweet flavor,
and those crisp apples, with juicy bite after bite to savor,
it is only on this night when we can taste this rare treat,
and it is only on this Halloween night when we can meet.

Tonight will not be your usual haunting among the graves,
or beneath the dead willow tree, weeping, shackled like slaves,
you are free to wander, to celebrate, and honor our past,
until the morning sun rises, on this Eve that will not last.

So come with me now and our spirits will live once more,
as we roam down our old streets, and visit door to door,
let us go, and lead them all in our mysterious nighttime parade,
where we can finally be ourselves, no need for a masquerade.

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2014

Details | Limerick |


Winnie Witch loves this time of year Halloween time is drawing near In her pink underwear She’ll give you quite a scare Then she’ll hastily disappear! Away on her broomstick she flew Ended up in darkest Peru She went on a hike Then got on her bike It’s the thing some travelers do! On our Island Halloween is called 'Hop Tu Naa' The local shops are starting to have displays in their windows which inspired the poem 09~21~16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

Details | Acrostic |

Halloween: Safety First Then Fun!!!

Halloween: Safety First Then Fun!!! 
     By the Poets Listed After the Poem 

Happy day getting candy treats while dressed like spooks and goblins. 
Angels, genies, princesses, too, put “loot” in their bags and tins. 
Look both ways when you cross the street.  Always stay close to your friends. 
Lighted homes.  Festive decorations.  Porches. Pumpkins.  Invite! 
Oh, be leery of the dark, where ghosts and spooks stay out of site. 
Wear bright costumes that reflect at night!  Not lose or tight.  Just right! 
Every child must be aware that some goblins inhabit homes. 
Each year we hear of razor blades placed in a child’s candied cones.   
Never!!! Ever!!! Eat your treats 'til Mom says, “OK, little gnomes.” 

Stay safe!  Look around!  While you walk, beware of witches and bats.
Always, ghosts and goblins watch.  Looking out for sweet treats you drop.
Fear?  If they happen to appear parents, quickly call the cops!
Enjoy laughter, hot chocolate, and other treats with your friends. 
Take care not to play tricks that could hurt others or cause offense. 
Youngsters, polite and respectful, great delight they do dispense. 

Fun you will have!  Enjoyment too.  Be sure that you are careful!
In all situations, “Trick-or-Treaters” beware!  Need HELP?  Shout!!!
Remember say, “Thank you” for treats when you’re out and about.
Stay clear of Spooky Soupers as they write with their crazy pens. 
To write in verse, some witches curse.  And drive sanity ‘round bends. 
The madness, “Dearie,” is very clear; they strive to make amends. 
Hooting owls and wild black cats wildly eat from your mum's pumpkin
Eerily, creaky zombies leave their tombs and walk down your streets.
Night, bubbling soups, you must beware, might be made of your own feet--
Frantic frenzies and fabulous fun begins just before dark.
Under that moonlit chilling night, “Trick- or-Treaters,” find their mark.
Nearby neighbors anticipate.  Waiting with treats is a lark!

Contributing Poets in Alphabetical Order:  Charmaine Chircop, Carolyn Devonshire , James 
Frazer, Rhoda Galgiani, Sean Kelly, Karen O'Leary, Patricia Prescott, Dane SmithJohnsen

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2009

Details | Rhyme |

Halloween: My Favorite Time of the Year

Halloween: The Best Time of the Year

Everything about the nonliving
Everything about the dead
Scary stories to be said
Monsters coming out from under your bed
All in one night
All in the biggest fright
Lock your doors really tight
Trick or treat
Smell my feet
Don’t give me no rotten meat!
Candy everywhere
Scary masks giving you a stare
Giving you a scare
People acting fake
Zombies come and wake
Knock on every door
Abandon houses to explore
Stay safe worried moms implore
Flying witches on brooms
Wake up the tombs
You are doomed!
Pumpkins glow out light
Clock strikes midnight
Kids wandering around is still a sight
Children eat pumpkin pie
Watch movies where people die
This night is no lie
Old men hitting teenagers with their canes
People loosing their brains, all aboard the haunted train!
All humans drinking cider
Watch out for hooligan hiders
Watch out for creepy crawly spiders!
Halloween is my favorite time of the year
Everything is to be feared
Everything is a little to near

Copyright © Aidan Gilbert | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

Halloween Folly

I’m a stodgy old lady with suddenly too much time on her hands.
I was always too work worn to make big Halloween plans...

But as I walked thru Walgreen’s to get my latest meds…
I came up the isle to the You Know- Hoo Hoo of a 2 story black cat, instead.
I ‘d have a silly grin on my face too, with a $49.95 sticker so delicately placed.
As I looked around his You Know Hoo- Hoo…
There was a fan in his foot, breathing life to every corner and nook.
With air going in… where was it going out?
I vote for a whistle in that You Know Hoo Hoo spot.
But fun aside… I decided I could have fun too. So I bought the dang thing.
Finally I got him in place after working my support hose as far as they would go.
Lord have mercy on me… maybe I shouldn’t have took that last med, you see…
For I began to suddenly see possibilities…
I securely anchored his back feet to the ground. 
Then got a small fan to blow on his belly, so he’d rear up on command when the Kids came around. 
I put a bell on its neck to draw their attention right there.
Then I went back and bought 2 white ghosts with pennies to spare.
I set up one to ride on his great big black back.
The other I put in his mouth and ran a string to a post for another effect.
When the kids scream, as surely they will… a ghost will climb out of his mouth
To the post residing there. I could see it flying so bravely and true.
This was amazing I said, as I had a laugh or two.
But that wasn’t enough… It seems I’d had another two med’s.
So I bought a crystal skull with a candle to glow in my lamp on top of the poll.
And got a witchy costume where I’d let my white hair flow.

Then with another med I found a cauldron with dry ice so perfectly placed.
I dreamed up some glowing mushrooms for a ring in my yard to draw the kids in.
Inside the ring was a pumpkin that was cut par excellence. 
A neighbor had made it for me with a fairy on top.
Now instead of a stodgy old bat, they brought their chairs about.
Every night after dinner they came to see what silliness next I would place.
They see me as someone with too much time on her hands, in fact.
I do have a great story and a poem to write this night.
My meds may be dwindling, but it was a hoot and I practiced a rusty old laugh.
And two more neighboring witches came over to help keep the kids in check.
Then two teenage ghouls came by with guitars and a musical score.
Next year beware, I’ll be back at it again, in fact, I’ll do more.

Our neighborhood displays were amazing... We couldn't wait to see them...
As they all seemedto be in competition.

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2011

Details | I do not know? |

It Must Be The Night Of Halloween

Devil horns and candy corns,
It must be Halloween!
Black cats and witch's hats,
It must be Halloween!
Trick or treats and ghosts in sheets,
It must be the night of Halloween!

Dark nights and scary frights,
It must be Halloween!
Werewolves cry as bats fly,
It must be Halloween!
Autumn leaves blow and pumpkins glow,
It must be the night of Halloween!

Monsters roar and owls soar,
It must be Halloween!
Spirits haunt and demons jaunt,
It must be Halloween!
Skeletons walk as vampires stalk,
It must be the night of Halloween!

Written - August, 28th, 2013
For - Russell Sivey's contest - Everything Halloween

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2013

Details | Acrostic |


Halloween night of events
Alot of trick or treating
Lots of candy for eating
Love when they come to the door
Opening bags wanting more
Witches, pumpkins or a ghost
Each comparing who got most
Even the parents take part
Not admit their young at heart

Everything Halloween contest
written 10/1/2013

Copyright © Kelly Zakerski | Year Posted 2013

Details | Light Poetry |

On Halloween Night: The Mail Must Get Thru

First day on the job, to deliver the mail,I got the nightshift. Ah! Come on! 
I drew the job, to drive to the next town, thru The Haunted Forest Prime!
You know the one, yep, The One, used in the famous ‘Wizard of Oz’!
It's Haunted, You Know! As they reminded me so, for the hundredth time!

But Don’t Be Afraid! They said, the truck carries a reliable computer guide.
Those always work, one did smirk. Plus, the truck’s full of ghost fighting gear.
They said Never Fear! Their thoughts would be near! As they’d stay in touch!
They loaded the truck with Holy Water, Not forgetting a ‘blessed silver cross’!

Then came Rabbits foots, silver bullets, and all. Yea! You know, What I mean!
They’d put aboard, all sorts of things considered really good luck, it seems.
Then they piled all the mail into a pouch, Plus more charms, and magic aplenty. 
Yea Right! I said, as the sun went down, and the mist rolled out, of the forest!

Oh! Did I state that it’s All Hollow’s Eve, and the veil is thin between worlds!
The prediction is, the Undead from Potters Hill, will be extra bad, they fear!
A new Sorcerer’s in town, and he’s been fooling around, here and everywhere!
Dracula’s here, he’s searching near, he wants Van Helsing’s famous daughter!

But, Rabbit feet don’t save Rabbits, and Wicked Witch’s control lesser magic. 
So They said speed is the key. Don’t worry! The little truck reaches twenty-three!
Down hill is best, moving roots can trap and flying monkeys are mean, aplenty.
Plus they put weights on the wheels so I won’t get carried away, near so easily!

But keep foremost, in mind, the credo, you know, ‘The Mail Must Get Thru!’
Be strong in thought and spirit, they sang as they ran to the buildings’ safety as…
Eyes peared out of the forest! What? You thought me, dumb as a box of rocks? 
Never fear, My Dear! I took the freeway around it! Oh! And I have a surprise!

Yep! I’m Van Helsing’s Famous Daughter, who’s embarked on this ride!
The trip back will be mine to command! Just think what you’d miss…
If I hadn’t said this… And they’ll be expecting me to come from this side!
So bow your heads, and say a prayer, for my Tri-um-phant trip, My Dears!

And as they say ‘The Mail Must Get Thru!... Well, it will, at least this year! 

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |


Within the pillow case universe, on the sacred night of Halloween,
There was a disturbance in the natural force of the candy zone,
And this is what began the legendary saga, of the goodie treats
Positive sweetness vs. the sour darkness bitter stomach upset!
But both sides conflicting, still leave tiny costumed storm troopers
Begging for more, at the doorsteps of humanity, with a battle cry
Of trick or treat, as porch lights flicker in the darkness of this
Spookiest of holidays!
The bitter chocolate emperor, is protected by his sour patch kids
Body guards, his only aim is to prove that tart is a better flavoring
Then sweet, what a diabolical delicious evil to swallow!
But the forces of goodie treats stand strong against this madness
Of these milk chocolate visions of power, a lone warrior rises
Upwards to take on this challenge, and his name is Luke Taste Bud,
The last true master of sweetness, whom welds the Life Saver,
Of pleasures indulgence!
Many battle wrappers have given their lives of savoring flavoring,
In this candy wars of tastes diversity, innocent star bursting galaxies
Have perished beneath this unjustified cause of bitter vs. sweet!
Whom shall win in this contest of true desire, what side is right
Or wrong, only the remaining left over pile will know after the
Spoils of Halloween are sorted by the overlords of power,
The parental Gods, whom choose the good treats from the bad!
As Luke Taste Buds faces off against the evil bitter Emperor,
Within the dreaming realm of peaceful slumbering, the tiny
Storm Troopers sleep within childhood fantasies of candy
The final Victory is being decided on the table of fate,
Within the living room of a higher plain, by the forces
Of good, whom slain the evil by consumption's mighty
Sharing, in their tributes offering of sweetness
These guardians of Parental power, do this to protect
Those tiniest of storm troops, what a sacrifice to make
On their behalf, they truly are magnificent lords of
Kindness and benevolence!
As the light of the new morning dawns, and Halloween’s
Excitement is quenched by the remaining left overs of
Goodie wars gone soar, within the pillow case universe,
The legend of the candy wars shall continue forever,
In the dreams of reflections memories carried forward,
And relived in the grand remembrance, of our childhood,
In every yummy bite, of the future when we indulge
Ourselves in a tasty treat, or the sour flavoring of pleasures


Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2015

Details | Tanka |

Creepy Feeling

    Something was watching

        leaving a creepy feeling

            i could not shake it

                finally closing the door

                    behind me eyes in the tree...

Copyright © Sharon Ruebel | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |


Poor Miss Carrie was scared of anything to do with Halloween,
She’d jump at just the sheer mention of this holiday, no please 
Let’s just talk about something else, but as all hollows eve 
Approached, this nervous girl would stay inside and hide!
I’m not going out until it’s all done and over with she’d 
Say, I’ll stay indoors where it’s nice and cozy, if you don’t
Mind just the same!
But every child has a natural curiosity, and when everyone
Was busy, she’d peek outside the window, their children
Ran up and down the streets, gathering candy, laughing
Maybe she thought it ain’t so scary after all, the child 
Gathering every bit of courage, scary Carrie ventured
Outside at last, with a pillow case in her trembling hands,
Her mother asked are you sure my little dearest, yes
I’m going to be brave, and face my fear, up and down
The cobwebbed covered block, these tiny darlings
Ran, screaming trick or treat, smell my feet or give
Me something good to eat!
Oh mother dearest, I have no proper costume to ware,
With some suet from the fireplace, we’ll fix that right
Up, a smudging here and there, an oversized dress,
With Aunt Fanny’s yellow sun hat!
Now that’s a homemade costume that’s totally
Sheik, what a sight to behold, than the fearful
Child smiled hugged her mother tightly, thank you
So much!
Running down the lane scary Carrie went running
Along joining her friends, in this holiday tradition,
Returning later on, tired but so happy, Mother
I’ve learned there is nothing to fear about Halloween
At all, and now I can’t wait until next!
Up to bed she smiled and yawned, singing a trick
Or treat bedtime song, I use to be scared of Halloween,
A regular Freddie cat, scary Carrie the other kids teased,
But now they call me fearless, and brave!
After she said her prayers that night, Carrie puckered
Her candy stash away beneath her pillow, and dreamed
About her night’s adventures, saying to her mother dearest,
I’ll never be frightened again!


Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2015

Details | ABC |


Bitter by ; being mentally bruised and battered most of my life,
shaken with fright without a single soul to help me
through the troubles unseen horrors of the night, 
from an evil source that I fear to strike. 
But as the evil forces, who limited my choices 
that when I found my stallion horses. 
Swiftly it came to my head I can run and I cannot hide, 
feeling the Beast closing in on every time I decide to hide. 
Tired of running and tired of alluding this
relentless creep as my red bolt eyes weep 
feeling rest-less, likes a lonely defeated warrior from his home in retreat 
that is when I knew it time to rest, to release my Beast. 
But in a fight, I may not win however as I cast out my dirty words sin
I made sure it felt my impact, to the bloody end.

by Keith Kadell

Copyright © Keith Relf | Year Posted 2013

Details | Cinquain |

Halloween Candy Hangover

Oh my! Halloween night Of fun and spooky fright Moonlight creating flickering Shadows Children Quite elated Trick-or-treating with friends Who’s creepiest with make-up and Costumes Evening Getting cooler Night is getting darker Children walking with bright flashlights Chilling Goblins, Haunted houses, Black cats, witches on brooms, Owls hoot, bats silhouette the moon Eerie! Carved out Spooky pumpkins Glowing flickering eyes Watch out for small ghost and goblins Door sign Grumpy Children to bed Sick with crampy tummies Halloween candy hangover Nightmares 10/17/2015
My parents didn’t celebrate Halloween so I didn’t have the pleasure of the fun ... I always made my boys their costumes and painted their faces. When Halloween evening came around my friends and I would walk our children around the safe neighbor hoods. They used to have so much fun. Contest: Happy Halloween Sponsored By: Kelly Deschler

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2015

Details | Quatrain |

Apple Pickin' Time

Pick those crisp, red McIntoshs, 
And warm some caramel for dippin',
Pick those green Granny Smiths,
And heat some cider for sippin'.

It's time for apple pickin',
Down on the rural farm,
And Halloween treat or trickin',
With some rustic country charm.

From the beginning of September,
To the last day of November,
We will be gone apple pickin',
Makin' fun moments to remember.

Pick those crisp, red McIntoshs,
And warm some caramel for dippin',
Pick those green Granny Smiths,
And heat some cider for sippin'.

None of you will be sobbin',
Cause right before your eyes,
There's a game of apple bobbin',
And some homemade apple pies.

Written for Isaiah Zerbst's contest -  
"Apple Pickin' Time"

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2013

Details | Light Poetry |

Happy Halloween

Now I lay me down to sleep… I pray the Lord my mind to keep…
Zombies are gathered all around, trying to keep me from my sleep.
They want to be the futures’ new symbols, for All Hallows Eve.
They brought their pickets to my door, and now, won’t leave. I swear!

You see, we were to do a play, and instead of Shakespeare in the Park!
We were to do a Jurassic World play, with a Halloween theme, of course.
But Zombies wanted to do a Zombie Vaudevillian play, so sheik! So sharp! 
Where they’ll show off their ‘Thriller’ talents, show that they, totally rock!

They found costumes, on a great quest, raiding the cemetery, for it’s best.
Dragon’s fighting back. You bet! After all, he’s the shoo in, for the TRex.
We decided on a dance off, to see who wins, the theme next year, my dear.
I just hope, IF the Zombies lose, they won’t bite us, literally, in our rears.

Zombies are stubborn, refusing to lose, so paid the witches to see to our fall.
Who then bewitched us to nightmares, most supreme, bringing us, to a crawl!
Many nightmares later it seems, we decided to put them both, into the theme.
After all, if Dragon lost the part, his legendary hotfoots would make us scream.

So starting with Jurassic Park, the monster mash, where Dragon lit every torch.
His penguins, as raptors, jumped like lemmings off the stage, in 3’s, of course!
They danced up to, our security team, the Troll Frankenstein’s, you gotta know?
Then Zombies in the audience, jumped up, to Dance to ‘Thriller’, so Cool, to go!

The competition was back on, as all came back up to the stage floor, in force!
Witches’ fog covered the floor, as Zombies danced our raptors, off the floor! 
Our Raptors fell like lemmings, off the stage, as Zombies cheated, so not to fail!
Now, Dragon, in retaliation, sent Zombies toppling off the stage, with his tail!

This might have turned rather ugly, but never fear! Little old me, was here!
I decreed, who won the most audience on their side, got the trophy, so dear!
Finally the Troll Frankenstein’s won the prize, as all ran in fear, to their side.
Then all took a bow TOGETHER! It was a Witch made miracle, I’m very sure!

I can now, again, lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord…My mind to keep…
So Beware of Zombies, Kind to Witches! And Have a Happy Halloween!... 
In laughter made stitches...

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2015

Details | Tanka |

Halloween Eve's Double Tanka

Halloween Eve’s Double Tanka

Halloween Eve’s here—
Departed souls cross over
The Veil is open . . . 
The living are always scared . . . 
Of things they understand not!

Halloween Eve’s here—
A Jack O’Lantern smiles now
His grin’s inviting . . .
Kids find him so exciting . . .
Question: Where’s the candy at?  

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved,
October 9, 2015 (Tanka)

Copyright © Gary Bateman | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

A Halloween story

One dark and dreary night many, many moons ago
myself and a friend coming home from the local disco
no names mentioned smiling . . .
and in the far distance we could see and hear three girls
laughing and giggling and having fun 

This was Halloween Night or All Hallows' Eve . . .
and so we climbed up the nearest evergreen 
barely breathing, holding our breaths . . .
so they would not hear us and sense our presence
the one directly in the middle as they neared us
in passing a quick clip at the back of the head said 
do you want to hear the screams roaring out of
them away hammer and tongs up the road

We could hear them shouting and carrying on . . .
I'm sure that place is haunted
to this day they tell their story claiming it to be real
well better still was to come for both of us 
laughing our hearts out giggling like madmen
I felt like a gruesome hand of ice just touched me . . .  
the tremors ran down my spine
jolting me in a most terrible way
almost felt like a gripping sensation on my shoulder 
almost falling of the tree with a roar
My good friend starting screaming making it worse . . . 
saying somebody must of touched us the same time
we looked at each other and made a race to get home 
just got really spooked and ran the whole 3 miles home 
in a record time ever saying my holy prayers every stroll of the way . . .
a most hideous and macabre thought -- a ghost touched me 
as the cold ran right through me chilling me to the bone
never was I as glad to see holy water in the house 
I bless myself for being lucky  
never ever have I pulled such a prank 
from that night to this . . .
It backfired on us so we chose never to say
a word about it ever again!!
And now we can only say: BOO!! BOO!! BOO!!
And Happy Halloween!!
Liam McDaid and Gary Bateman, Free Verse Collaboration (October 13, 2014)
(Contest Entry for Halloween Co-Writes, 5 Nov 14, Diane Locksley - Sponsor)

Copyright © Gary Bateman | Year Posted 2014

Details | Couplet |

Halloween Witch

Halloween is finally here,
she has had to wait a whole year.

She brushes the dust from her broom
and flies out the window into the gloom.

Looking for belladonna that is blue,
for making up her witches brew.

So, if you see her fly overhead,
you had better hurry and jump into bed.

She is looking for little boys and girls too,
going to stick them in her yummy beef stew.

That I have to post this upsets me:
My poems are copyright. I am sharing my
poems for you to read not for you to
post willy-nilly to a website, in
your newsletter or anywhere else with out
my permission. I am available, leave me a
message. Especially to those who change
the name of my poem and not give proper
credit. You should be ashamed!

Copyright © Alesia Leach | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |


It's Halloween, the stars excite Cheery kids dressed as gargoyles black Or a Luke, mystic Jedi Knight With a sword to lash any Vader, On one eve of trick and delight! Pumpkins float through doors in gold sheen As we tap our sticks on the fence While I lead them as Moonlight Queen; To beg neighbors for a rich loot, And play with their candy machine. On this beguiled October road Our wand, a Disney fantasy Of pretzels, trimmings,well bestowed Through sweet wiggles from house to house; Get-ups torn...forget the dress code! Kelly Deschler's Happy Halloween new poem--- 10/24/2015

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2015

Details | I do not know? |

Autumn is Here

Electricity is in the air

as the wind kiss skin and tease hair

 and Red and Gold leaves float 

to the ground

as the little squirrels scurry around

Autumn is here

Pumpkin patch field trips

as apples are dipped in candy

with caramel and buttered popcorn 

and savory turkey legs at this year's state fair

laughing on 

hay rides and carving pumpkins

while eating pumpkin pie 

sitting near a bonfire as the smoke stings our eyes

Autumn is here.

Ghost tales whispered


marshmallows roasted 

while sipping hot apple-cider

giving sweets to the sweeties knocking at our door

exclaiming "TRICK OR TREAT" 



Autumn is here.

Families gathered together 

seated from great to least

with humble head's bowed

in blessed thanksgiving 

as a kingly feast delight senses

and conjure up images of the next season

Autumn is here.

Copyright © Christina Holmes | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |


On this dreadful stormy night, 
beneath a moon hanging low.
The wind whispers through the pines, 
causing shivers down your spine.

The leaves have all but withered, 
the birds have all flown.
The snakes come a slither, 
the spider's web is all sown.

As the night grows eerily still, 
the only sound a raven's cry.
Suddenly a shadow shoots across the sky, 
followed by a frightful shrill.

You want to turn away, 
but your curiosity knows no bounds.
However, the longer you delay, 
may find you underground.

As you near the creepiest of houses, 
you are filled with dread and doubt.
But on the door you rap, rap, rap, 
and Trick or Treat you scream and shout.

Happy Halloween

That I have to post this upsets me:
My poems are copyright. I am sharing my
poems for you to read not for you to
post willy-nilly to a website, in
your newsletter or anywhere else with out
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credit. You should be ashamed!

Copyright © Alesia Leach | Year Posted 2014

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Halloween night

title : saved by her mates

The killer clowns are roaming free 
looking for lovely ladies to slay. 
A wicked smile and red shot eyes 
sharpened teeth that's one evil smile. 
He has a blood red axe and he checks his list 
It's* Nayda Ivette Negron next !. 
but, Nayda's ready she has her mates. 
The poet slayer, Linda lies in wait. 
There's the Isle of Man's Jan 
she will see him off. 
and the Silent One, the deadly ninja of the soup. 
Eve Roper the phantom (pantoum) slayer of ancient fame 
Nette the vampire killer of tv fame 
The killer clown sees this motley crew 
and decides to go get Steve Pennell instead. 
cheers ! 

Comp entry 15/10

Copyright © stephen pennell | Year Posted 2016

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Far back in the graveyard
A chill was in the air
Three Webster County girls were 
Playing “Truth or Dare”
Sounds of restless spirits
Echoed through the night
A gust of wind extinguished
All three lantern lights
Visibility by a full moon
Cast shadows everywhere
Distant howls of coyotes
Caused quite a scare
Rustling leaves, swaying trees
Only made things worse
Three Webster County friends
Huddled and tried not to curse
An old Halloween custom
Young kids eagerly tried
To stay the graveyard ‘til midnight
A passage of Webster County pride
Thunder boomed, lightening flashed
The girls shivered and cried
Holding each other tightly
They agreed to do it or die
At sunrise the groundskeeper 
Started making rounds
Behind a row of tombstones
The friends were safely found
Accepted now by older kids
Their bravery not taunted
The girls told stories of
graveyard being haunted

October 31st has changed a lot
Is now a very different scene
Still Webster folks tell the tale
About the “Girls of Halloween”

Copyright © Susan Gentry | Year Posted 2015

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Halloween at Midnight

When ere the clock  strikes the midnight hour
on every Halloween
It’s best to be found behind locked doors
or prepare for what is seen
As this is the time ghosts walk about…
for most a frightening scene
If they catch you wandering the streets
they’re sure to make you scream

Witches make haste to form silhouettes
against the nights full moon
So please make sure your grandmother’s in
or else prepared for her swoon
Vampires are hiding in the alley ways
so be sure to stay away
One look into their piercing red eyes
you won’t want to run away

For now we’ll not speak of monsters
that lurk beneath the eaves
or of the ghouls and goblins haunting
in the shadows of trees
Speaking of the trees, let’s remember,
they too come alive this night
Be prepared for their limbs to grab you
and their roots to trip your flight 

When you hear the wind start howling
above the barren trees
and the clouds are dark before the moon
blocking what you see
Lock the doors and bar the windows
for werewolves have join the fray
It’s but one time of year you see
that they are free to play

To each and every one of you haunts
have a ghastly, ghostly night
For but an hour you’re allowed each year
to scare and cause such fright.
So, Happy Halloween to the living and dead,
and to each, I now bid good-night
I think I’ll  tuck myself into bed
and avoid all this harrowing plight 

 © Debra Squyres

Copyright © Debra Squyres | Year Posted 2014

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The moon cast eerie shadows on that dark October night We went out trick and treating and looked a scary sight Our costumes were so creepy, we were dressed as ghosts and ghouls We carried turnip lanterns we’d carved them at our schools Our bags were fit to bursting and filled with candy treats And rosy red apples and chocolate, we had so much to eat The mansion house was gloomy when we walked up to the door It was recently occupied and we’d never ventured there before I cautiously rang the doorbell, the door creaked and swung open A tall wizard stood there, at his side a huge pink frog was croakin The wizard welcomed us inside and he performed a magic trick He was such a jolly gentleman, his christian name was Rick Rick’s pitch black cat crept in the room, how its green eyes shone Rick waved his magic wand, in a flash the cat was gone! In its place was Ginnie the witch she was Rick’s lovely wife She was holding a Halloween cake and she cut us each a slice Soon it was time for us to go as it was getting rather late They’ve invited us to learn magic tricks oh I can hardly wait! We grabbed our bulging bags of sweets and I hurried to my house I hope I can learn a spell and turn my pesky sister into a mouse ! Halloween contest Sponsored by Eve Roper 10-25-16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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Warlock Halloween

This eerie night when the moonlight drips down Tips of the stars reach out to all this night Darkness has its reign during this night’s crown Showing Halloween the master of fright Took the last pumpkin to its resting place They’re lit for respect of the dead tonight All are glowing wildly within their space Alight to bring awe and joy from this sight Children love to see the path of pumpkins Frightfully dressed to scare with all their might Some of them look like they have rotting skins To front porch they walk smiling with delight They get their candy and scream to enjoy The night sure adds to the fun with their joy
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

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A Lesson Well Learned

Dragon had got himself in trouble…. Obviously… Not unforeseen!
He jumped out and scared some little kids in the spirit of Halloween.
He said it wasn’t his fault; Dragons are so scary, giving a little snort.
Now this was after supper and the nights were, quickly getting short.
He stomped off, in the twilight, thru the woods, looking for rapport. 
But it quickly changed into, what you’d say, was a foggy, misty sort!
Wind started blowing ominously around him, as a tree suddenly…
Fell… close by… shaking him to his core… so very incredibly…

Then an owl flew by so close…  Most suddenly… barely missing…
Dragons’ face! He leaped back, shivering and sighing, with misgivings.
Immediately, he spun around, in his panicked haste… OH! Did I forget?
That it was the night before All Hollows Eve? He was being beset?
Now lost, and turned around, from this normally, well-trodden path… 
The fog set in, so very close! As a loud howl came, from some goliath… 
From out of the thin air, behind him… Fear became within him, very rife! 
He was alone, and started running for his, ever loving, itty, bitty, LIFE!!!

But where the ba-gibbas was he going? It was anybodies, now, to guess!
Finally coming to a roaring stop, by tripping over some unseen rock! Yes!
He then looked up to see, an old, eerie, abandoned, broken down, building. 
It’s feel… sent chills up his spine! As he trembled with a fear, so chilling. 
As the moon, momentarily, peeked out of the clouds… It seemed trapped…
In a clawing, and clinging, evil mist! Not to mention! The mist changed…
Into a torrential, cold, pouring rain! It was too much, holding him in shock! 
Run away, or to the building? Drown, or be consumed by evil? A deadlock!

A river now ran behind him, eerily pushing him, forward. How tragic!
He, now, felt himself in the grip of some Deep Dark unmovable Magic! 
What, was he to do! Why was the house getting Closer? Even though… 
He was frozen and standing quite still!!! OH… NO!!! OH! NO!!!! 
He could see, his life running before his eyes, in unbelievable panic!
He was sure he’d meet his end here, on All Hollows Eve, he was manic!
As he was almost delivered to the house… He prayed, and declared!
“He’d never scare little children, for a Halloween prank, again” If spared!

Suddenly, he was released… and the path shone… bright, and clean… 
His life was finally his, again!!! Everything gone in a blink!!! So keen!
He ran all the way home with glee! His lesson was thoroughly learned! 
And somewhere behind a tree the Elven King and Grandpa Troll…
Shook hands, on a job well done… And a lesson well learned…
The moral of this story: Do unto others, as you want them to do unto you! 
And NEVER anger an Elven King and Grandpa Troll with deeds, you did do. 
The End and Happy Halloween!

Written by  10-23-2016

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2016

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Candy Crush

It’s Halloween and I've gorged again
Eating as much as several men
Sickened last year, didn't learn then
After I start I can’t say when

Now what’s left is scattered about
Stomach’s gone from thin to stout
Will take months to work this out
I’ll regret it tomorrow without a doubt

Candy corn, bars and lollipops
Tasted so good I couldn't stop
Ate so much my belly might pop
Exhausted on the couch I flop

I have to admit with some dismay
That Haloween’s still a month away
Adding shame to this display
I have to buy more later today

(Everything Halloween Free Poetry Contest 10/9/13)

Copyright © Eric Niehoff | Year Posted 2013

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Lilly and FunkunDilly

Our little Orphan Troll, named Lilly, and was always happy as a lark.
She had a squirrel named FunkunDilly always ready, with fun to embark.
They slept and ate together, and rolled around, playing on the ground.
A happier troll you never could see, as when FukunDilly was around.

I made them matching ninja suits, to practice ninja moves in the park.
And the firemen let them sit up front in the fire truck to blow his horn.
Everything was so very perfect, until all the birthdays came around.
As we discussed the birthdays', Lilly ran to the corner to cry, for real!

Lilly didn’t know when her birthday was, and just knew she’d be left out.
So as I ran to poor, little Lilly, I ask FunkinDilly if she knew the date, about.
She has never spoken, but the little squirrel had come with Lilly, you see… 
Around here, you never know, crazier things seem to happen, a lot lately.

None of Trolls knew their birthdays, and all ended up sulking on the ground.
I let them each pick a day, and they picked Halloween all at once, all around.
They invited all their friends for… after Trick or Treating on Halloween night.
I rounded up tons of cupcakes, and the biggest cake ever seen, to their delight.

That night witches, elves, and fairies showed up, with even a unicorn.
The weird frogs came with the bears... and all, held sparklers up in the air.
It was fun to see the costumes, or at least I hoped, that’s what they were.
Everyone danced around a bonfire… as the firemen laughed, and looked on.

I was talking to one of my neighbors dressed as a witch, when Lilly danced by.
I laughed about how happy Lilly and FunkenDilly were when playing, all the time…
And I wished her mother could see the gleam of fun, which shone in her eyes.
Suddenly, a flash of light! FunkenDilly turned into a Troll, right before my eyes.

The witch was apologetic… for forgetting to turn Lilly’s mom back, for so long.
She had found her raiding her garden, and punished her… about a year, before.
Now, FunkenDilly had had so much fun… that she wanted to be turned right back.
The toll for forgetting …was that she gave them both butterfly wings for the night.

She may not be a Troll, but, I never worry about Lilly when FunkenDilly’s along.
And the witch promised FunkunDilly, she could be a squirrel, for one more year. 
But about that neighbor witch… Whoa Boy! I’ll be WAY nicer from now on, ya hear!
Now, I really can’t wait to make more matching outfits, for Lilly and her mom.

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2012