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Written On My Heart - Lyrics by Plus One

Thinking how it might have been

If you had never

Walked into my life
I would have been nothing

Without you where would I be

Every moment used to feel

Like living through a

Cold and starless night

But everything's changing

Everything is feeling right

[c h o r u s]

You gave me your love

Lifted me up

Now I'm looking at forever

When I never thought
I'd ever see that far

You, you're in my soul

Wherever I go

Now I know right from the start

Your love was

Written on my heart

How could I have been so blind

When you were always here

So near to me

And there is no other

Who knows me the way
I feel you do

And you were waiting all the time

For me to come around

And finally see

All the love I was missing

There you were right beside me

Always beside me

[c h o r u s]

You made it so easy

Your love brought out

The best in me

You are my light and my truth
I've found my destiny in you

[c h o r u s]

You're forever

Written on my heart