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Worlds Within The Margin - Lyrics by In Flames

Raindrop hits the leaf changing it's positionslightly on the street next to pollsof monotonous waters He walks
Slipping feet from steps at random He falls
In the space of between his body and the groundcomets cast off their names stellar neurones misfire
Witnessesinhale the seedand spit out a million branches
Buds abloom in all directionsfrin which events occurrelations and virused meetingscatch fire and explode
In the margin of butterfly wingsentire cycles of evolutionoutplayed and fadedsparked away and leaned back intovacuum-filled nirvana
Between the two of my eyesfeverish fractal scar
Dance like were they on drugspeyote labyrinth re-mapped exits
A hasty blinkand a million life-to-comeswill never be the sameas they never were
In the kinetic energy of a moving fistlies a birth-machine for a parallel universe
With the first movement in organic scapcame a bouquet of alternative answersall different multiplied and re-divided
Coded in the spinal cord of a trilobitewritten between the legs on the Meganeurasuburban city maps and dormant dictator semenmarked their way through time