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Waiting For Lunacy To Find Me - Lyrics by Godgory

I always knewthere would come a day when darkness would falllike a heavy blanket over meit was always therelay beside me when I sleptalways lurking deep within my mindseeds of lunacybeing nursed by feelings of guiltwith their bloom comes insanitymy fate is cruelbut there's a light in the pitching blacknow my journey's at an end it an end at lastsee the signit's the begining of the endmadness comespull me insideblow me away
Here it comesrising up from the depths withinswallow the fear that rapes my minddistant memories call
I hear the echoes of the life I livedfor a moment then they fade away...then they fade awaysee the signit's the begining of the end
I'll die tonightgoodbye my friends see you in hell