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Unser The Sinnerss Moon - Lyrics by Lonewolf

Day is blending,night arose,
Light?s defending,what darkness froze,fire?s burningon warm, dusty ground.
Knight?s turningdue to a mystic sound
Under the sinner?s moon,there?s no guiding light,out on a journey to doom,riding in the night.
Near or far,dream or reality,there, oh, there under the sinner?s moon.
Forged iron,mighty and cold,dripping bloodfrom hostile lives sold.
Endless battleswith fears put aside,waiting for rescueto a honoured life.
Under the sinner?s moon,there?s no guiding light.
Lord, be with us,save our desperate lives,bless and heal thuswe can finally risefrom this dark earthto there, where you can care,ride to a new birth,from Camelot (
Camelot)to your sphere.