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The Promise - Lyrics by Plus One

I know that lately

Things have been so hard

And looking out

Through your broken heart

All you can see is dark

And lonely days ahead

But remember Jesus said

[c h o r u s]

He knows every star in the sky

Every single tear that you cry

His love is here faithful and alive
I know that this world can be cold

In His arms you're never alone

That's His promise to you and I

When hope has disappeared

And your heart aches

You might not recognize

The touch of grace

But on the other side

Of every dying dream

His love is waiting patiently

[c h o r u s]

With every angel there's a love

That never leaves your side

His love is deeper than the ocean

Or a mountain high

You've got to know

There's hope in your heart

And if you listen with your heart
I know you'll hear Him say

You are My child and I am with you

Each and every day

He is the one who knows your soul

[c h o r u s]

That's the promise for you and I