The Monkees Present Radio Promo - Lyrics by Monkees

by Unknown  The management at Colgems Records has asked me to explain something,which is no big surprise, because people are always asking their kids toexplain everything.(
Listen To The Band excerpt) They want to bring us out all the time, to get us to talk, to tell themwhat we think, so they can tell us why we're wrong. But for us, ourmusic says it all.
Like the Monkees and their new album: The Monkees Present.(
Good Clean Fun excerpt)
Their music is like we are. It's hard to say why you like it, except themusic talks to you instead of expecting you to talk to it. Get The
Present on Colgems, records and Stereo-8 cartridge tape. It's music thattalks to you.(
Never Tell A Woman Yes excerpt)