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The Land I Will Behold - Lyrics by Lonewolf

Night falls down on menever ending as I can see
My Love
`s vanished from megone for all time, for eternity
Bridge: I try to find the trace she leftknow the reason why
Settle my horse, the Lord is by my sideride to the land that lies ahead
Refrain: I ride on golden rayson the rainbow through the hazeand the Lord makes the way of my horse
Through the woods as I prayand I hope I
`ll find the way(2: and I know I
`ll find the way)(3: and now I
`ve found the way)to the land to where my Love
`s gone tofar away
Now clouds fill my eyesthrough stormy days and whisperin
` skies
Rain, snow and thunderstormscannot abandon me on my way home
Brdge: I
`m riding through a desert landmy tears are running dry
My heart
`s yearning, so I
`m riding onride to the land where she has gone to2.
Refrain Solo 3.
Outro: Far away, far away
Lord lead me to the land I must behold
Far away, far awayto the land to where we all belong tofar away