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The Hole In Your Roof - Lyrics by Augie March


What do the men say
To the women when they lay down at night.
All naked of arms from the old imagined fight?
And how do the women hear?
In kind and in likeness of light -
"In kindness you needn't and neither do I,
we are both of us capable of flight",
And as if to give proof
She jumped through the hole in the roof.
What did the condemned say
To the blessed when they met on the path?
"O you take the low road and I'll take the high for a laugh,
(but if I'm laughing now it's because I've a gentle heart)",
And because it was true
He slipped through the hole in the roof.

La la la la,
La la la la la la...
From above your head a thing can be read that you're thinking...

What the secretaries sing and the CEO's bark in the bars -

What do the dead say
To the ones who still think they're alive?
"With your heads all on backwards
You can't see in front for what near behind you lies"
"Well show us some help then,
Above your head let it flicker the light,
These ones that I'm with
Have not learned to forgive your necessary alibis -
When they made you love money,
And the poor prophet's stock,
When they poisoned the watersheds
And fashioned our arrowheads
From the deep forbidden rock.

O but did you see what people do?
And when you saw it you did it too,
Now all your children are twice the size of you,
and they come in at night through
The hole in your roof
The hole in your roof
The hole in your roof
The hole in your roof