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The Blood On My Hands - Lyrics by Darkside

bloodyou open the doortointo the bride's roomit'sthe secret it's decaybornfrom fleshe's deepest needrose upon my altar - i
¦m the rose on your altaruntil two fades into one and one is death god!as my fingers run through your thighs - I feel your fingers in my thighssmearing my seed over blood over death - smear your seed over meat midnight rutting bridereaching for blooms beyond the veiltell you my secretgod died for fleshes needplease come you shivering bridethe devil must feast for lust of the deadlust slashes hateimmaculation of dreamsborn from blood crying redcan your hear the strike of azraels' wingsas your man I'm gonna take you
I'll possess you entirelymusti, so gods will, cut your throatmy dove and drink your bloodand your twitching foaming deathsuck your entrailsyour bashful modestyyour cries build a coffin of laughter and lustbeneath my bleeding hands...rose on my altaruntil two fades into one and one is megod!