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The Babysitters Here - Lyrics by Dar Williams


Words and music by Dar Williams

Tonight was just great, she taught us the sign for peace
Now she's made us some popcorn, we've turned out the lights
And we're watching movies
I don't understand and she tries to explain
How a spaceship is riding through somebody's brain
And there's blood and guts and . . .

She's the best one that we've ever had
She sits on her hair and she's tall as my dad
And she tie-dyed my shirt and she pierced her own ear
And it's peace, man, cool, yeah, the babysitter's here.

And we all went to see her go dance at the high school
We made her a big card
And she told us that she'd be the unicorn wearing the pink
leotard, and
There she was leaping up just like she said
With a sparkling horn coming out of her head
And she's oh, oh, oh, oh
(I can't wait to give her the card, I can't wait to give her the card)
She's the best one . . .

OK, so the play was called 'The Unicorn' and she was the
unicorn so that means that the star was my babysitter.

You're the best one that we've ever had
You sit on your hair and you're tall as my dad
And I'll make you a picture for college next year
So hush now, peace, man
The babysitter's here
The best babysitter's here