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Temptation - Lyrics by Swollen Members


Yo, I'm talking about
Temptation things that run through your head

Like I wonder what my friend's girlfriends like in bed

Yo, I bet sometimes she thinks of me instead

Greed, That has to do with more than you need

Sin, That's usually where temptation leads

Turning into an addiction in an instant, take heed

Feeding off your ego, cash confusion and sex

That's why, like, every eight months

You end up back with your ex

For a couple days, and then remember
Why it wasn't meant to be

Go your separate ways and think
I wonder what got into me

You're done, but then another
Eight months comes around eventually

Vicious circle, I've done some things
That aren't worth mentioning

Temptation, made me do some things I regret

Easy to fall into, but hard to forget

Use to put the blame on others

But that's a bunch of nonsense

Now I try to focus and
Just listen to my conscience


Yo, I'm talking about

Temptation and its relation to the human nation

The obvious, money, drugs, sexual frustration

How else can you explain public funding drain

The escalating murder rate and the climb to fame

It makes men touch parts that are not to be

It makes women clutch parts that are a part of me

So all that surface level services a day-to-day

An ongoing basis in desire and display

The first sensation recognized by script

We can't detach ourselves from it once we get into it

And why would we it feels better with the shadows closer

Comfortable feeling of comparing yours to overdose

Sometimes innocent and other times consequential9 out of the ten times dun it's purely confidential

Harder to handle when your crews talking in your ear

Until you learn to abstain it draws near