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Take It From The Source - Lyrics by Spirit Of The West

i was sitting  in basil's with a  friend and coffeethinking the world a fine place to bewhen the man on my right got up to leaveand left a little piece of his mind with mehe said, "faggots like you should be put in asylums"now tell me, who takes the blamefor his being  scared, so unawarethat he would fire his  fear without an ounce of shamewhatever happened to love thy neighbour?nothing more than a worn out clich
éare all men created equal or has this too become pass
é?you don't need to open your mouth for me to read your lipsi can follow the language displayed on your finger tipthey don't look before they leapthey don't think before they speakthey just sharpen their tongues on you and mespit poison darts between perfect teethyou've got to take it from the sourcelook at where it's coming fromyou're got to take it from the sourcethey're only wasted words on mei guess i just don't measure upstrayed from the straight and narrow roadso you lock me up, throw away the key'cause i don't live by your dress codethat's ok, i've heard it beforeyou can open the wound i feel no paini don't need an armour suityou're the one with the ball and chain-chorus-