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Surrounded By Dreams - Lyrics by Godgory

Cold December night darkness descending outside
Surrounded by silence and time
Dreams start to arise
I wish it was real I wish it was life
Escape from reality
All the dreams I have and I want them to come true
It will never happen wouldn't you be broken too
I sit here alone with all the dreams in my head
Please stop messin with me, stop messin with my head
When I close my eyes I still can see
All the beautiful places where I never been
I wish I could see this in reality
But I can only have it in my fantasy
Escape from reality
The places I have seen with my eyes closed
They are printed in my mind them I never lose
I can't visit them but they can't be taken away
In my memory forever they will stay
Sadness overcomes me my soul is unleashed
I spoke to my master who guides me in my dreams
I enter my dream world with tears in my eyes
Hunger for the beauty reality starts to die
I'm longing for my dreams everynightcause they make justice to my life
When I feel the fear I start to dream
Reality I no longer can see
Escape from reality
If I don't have my dreams I don't have anything
All would be senseless why can't life be a dream
I'll try so hard to see joy in reality
But I have my dreams that's all that matters to me