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Suppressed Emotions - Lyrics by Fleming And Jogn


tossing and turning all her thoughts are burning she can't go to sleep
thinks she is dreaming although she is scheming a secret to keep
years have flown by taking with them time she never had for her own
now she plays house while her husband stays out on the town

suppressed emotions

thoughts turning backwards she sees a young man with a gleam in his eye
both of them laughing and jumping as if they could reach to the sky
with love abounding her heartbeat is pounding a message
regrets is all that she gets if she opens her eyes

suppressed emotions
trying to hide feelings she keeps inside
suppressed emotions
eyes may reveal feelings she tries to conceal

no need to awaken her dreams have all taken her where she longs to be
without a care but the wave of her hair no responsibility
would she have done anything differently if she knew what she knows now
lost in delusions of a love that she never found

suppressed emotions