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Stiff Upper Lip - Lyrics by Mott


(overend watts)

Stop complaining, that won't be any use
It's all right, just stay loose
Listen honey, there's no money
Country's ruined, down the drain.

Jimmy's feeling down, 'cos ain't got a pound,
He's leaving the sinking ship
But he ain't gonna drown; just walkin' on soft ground
So why not stay with us and help us try to put it back afloat.

Best foot forward, worst foot backward,
We shall always overcome,
Playing music for ten years now
Made no bread, we must be dumb!

People feeling down 'cos they ain't got a pound,
They're leaving the sinking ship
But you ain't gonna drown so why not stick around,
And maybe you can stay with us and help us try to make it float again.

"now look here, what's all this bickering, etc, etc?"
(heckling and gyp section)

And so you see, we won't be going away, no way
We're going to stay,
We're going to get stronger,
It won't be much longer.

So be patient and be brave through the slumps
It's going to turn up trumps!