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Spring Affair - Lyrics by Donna Summer

Oohsomething's coming over me
I think it's got a hold on meit's got me
Oohjust the man I hoped you'd be
Oohjust the man to set me freeyou got meyou got me
Spring affairspring affairspring affair
And I'm hung up on you
Spring affairspring affairspring affair
And we've got something newme and youoh baby
Oohguess I'm falling much too fast
I hope this love is gonna last
I've fallen
Oohthe feeling's getting really strong
Oohgives me strength to carry on
I've fallen
I've fallen
Spring affairspring affairspring affair. . .
Oohyou're the sunshine in my life
Oohhow you come on shining brightyou got me
Oohfeeling's gonna grow and grow
Oohlet your loving river flowyou got meyou got all of me
It's a spring affair - it's a spring affair.