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Souls Of Led Blackness - Lyrics by Darkside

my soul gave birth to bleeding-purple skiesmy heart is steaming with deadly, soilent lustwell of furious mind made pictures of unnatural mightscommanding my willmoved by nameless chants and the breath of eternal mightsruling this earthcities painted in flameswith the horror piling the eonsof godless creationsgods crashing down saint harps smashed to pieceswith blasphemic rhymes
I shall deny all powers on earthfor they are only nothing from nothing in realfire I bring and light to the world you live infor your souls are hopelessly lostlowered by sinagain I shall riseyou fools, how small you are just in confronts to me
I decide on all of your fateresisting to allfor my will is the strenghth and the power to call
I arise enlightening your souls of led blacknessfor nothing is reallowered by sin...nothing restrains my power of willnot being a dog having to bow
I am I will I create am nothing and allspace and timebody and soullowered by sin...on wings of freedom I fly not being a bird in the skies aboveon through your souls I crawlnot being a snake, having to crawlpower enlightens the souls of led blacknessbreaking your willfollow the roots of power and you will be justforgotten ones