Silver - Lyrics by Georg Baker Selection

There's a village by the seasidelt's the village I was born
Lives a lovely girl named Silver
By the colour of her hair.
Yeswe used to play together
By the harbour an
ä the beach.
Yeswe used to sing together
With the people in the church.AII the older people smiled
When we were walkin' down the streets.
Yesthey said that I was born for you
And you were born for me.
But my heart was always restless
And the village much too small.
So I left my home and friends
And kissed goodbye my Silver girl.
Silversilver is her hair.
Silver was the love we sharin'.
Silver now I see
That your love was gold for me.
I saw so many cities
And I loved so many girls
But no one was there more pretty
Than my lovely Silver girl.
Too much songs and too much wine
I spend my life without regrets
But I always shed a tear
When I think of the love we had.
Silversilver is her hair . . .I wasn't there when you needed me most of all.I wasn't there on your weddingday
I did not call.I wasn't there at the day that your first child was born.
But believe me Baby
I think about you some time.
Silversilver is her hair . . .