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Shadowfields - Lyrics by Darkside

within dead heartsa bleeding face of painone voice soundssobing with horror that growsexpired, unsure and sweetdoing prayers with decaying soulsa miserable playbefore prayers with stoned heartslights shimmering veilpriest strides up the altarsunken colours movestreaming red on her cold lipsfear dominates mefeel it in my heartin my soulburning fevercrush my sweating facerealm of deathunforgivenessburning in my eyesin my heartonly poisonrunning through my veinsover the edgefaint angels watching altarsstream of blue eyes vague awaysilence and shadows sinkin myrial spells suds swimming lowwretched figures reel into voidabove my headstrike of blue colours voice dies on the choirincense rising from black plateson a dark bench I sitraising my stare up to the crosshigh upon high the starving voice