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Shade - Lyrics by Lonewolf

There you stand,with your head in your hands, crying out.
Once again,it has been like then before.
Oh.. it hurts,oh.. how it hurts.T?was all your fault,like all these, these times before.
It?s not his,no, how could it be..
It was trouble in his job,it was trouble in his life, but do you believe?
Refrain) All you do is just waiting in his shade,don?t you want to be free?
Waiting, longing to break out and walk intothe sun of life, out of the life of fearsand the fear for life.
You thought about,just to run, just to run, to run and hide.
But everytime,his ?
Sorry!? is too sweet..
Do you remember, what he said,last time you went through all this, and did you believe?