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Sent By The Devil - Lyrics by Rage

Music and Lyrics by P. Wagner)
Spirits coming from the mindwaking up my deepest horrors,capture my thoughts, make me blind.
Weird, Rcause I don
¹t want to seethe abyss of my possibilities.
Scared I can
¹t look away.
It has come to my side.
Sister demon - my bride.I want you, I need youand I have set you free.
¹re always right behind me,I know the devil
¹s sent you to me.
You want me, you need me,now that I¹ve set you free.
Look always right behind you,
You know the devil
¹s sent me to you.
What has started as a longingalmost is possession now,it drives me again and again.
Put a light into your window,maybe I can find a hold.I run against myself Rtill I find the end.
Sent by the devil