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Same Size Feet - Lyrics by Stereophonics

Anderl)A week's too long not to ringre colours her hairand waits for himno cat against dogjust head over healssex twice a datebest time in yearsoh no why hasn't he phonedshe has to waituntil he's on his ownlying and denyingso no body knows
I'll tell her this weekis what he tells herto keep her on loanhe'll by her one daysex drives oral highscheated wives and spiescream cakes coffee datesfloral giftsgoodbye passed awayfor the dayhad a change of kind sexchanges too mundanefor the average mindoh no she just can't seewhere he isor where he's beenlooked prim and straightlike she's always beenall that she saved forwent missing againshe could be wrongit looks likethe world got aroundthey found a bodyin the lakemaybe it wasn't really his namesame colour same weight same size feetit's the not knowingthat kills youoh no the clocks stopped sloweverytime you're on your ownya' hide from the spiesso nobody knowsscratch through the pagesof the lazy days newsfor a clue still looking foryou!