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River Of Life - Lyrics by Lonewolf

Wow", you say, " there
`s something grey out there"- Well, sky was always there beforeokay, not in shimmering grey, but in clear bluebut okay, that
`s past and forgotten, too
And cool, look there, what
`s swimming in this sludgeain
`t this fishes, or what was this wordoh, they won
`t be swimming for a long timebut who needs fishes anymore
Refrain: And your river, it flows to the sea - endlesslyand the world, it turns, `round and `roundwith no demanding sound
And hey, what
`s this, this green thin thingoh, that
`s just a blade of grassyou can cut it if you want, it
`s the last one of its kindand with steel-made houses it just doesn
`t count
And why can
`t I breath here anymorehey, who started this whole thing
I thought our future
`s just a brilliant kind of thingso why am I dying here
Now, there
`s nothing to live and to die forjust a huge desert of grey sandstormsand in one or two year the earth itself will diewas this, what we were living for??