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Profiteers - Lyrics by Spirit Of The West

there's a cold wind blowin' through the old east sideit cuts with the devil's cursethey're turning our people into the streets, whilethe landloards line their pursewith the greenback dollar of the tourist tradethere's a fortune to be hadmake way for the out-of-towners, forthe tenants it's just too badthis appears to be their attitude.kick 'em until they're downthey're only welfare cases andpensioners and they're easily pushed aroundwe've invited the world to come and stayand celebrate the fairi wonder if the world will understandthe homeless walkin' there.i'm alright jack, and how 'bout you?i'm gonna catch this wave that's rollin' throughand turn a trick or twoi'm alright jack, no  flies on me!i'm  within my rights, my conscience is cleari am the profiteerthe sign says closed for renovationthis is a con we all see throughit spreads like a poison through the town,monkey see and monkey doturn  your slum into a mine,  squeeze  'emhard for every dimethe people  will paint your criminals, butyou can't see the crime- chorus -they're all bastards with no morals,overcome by a pitiful greedfor years they've taken rent fromthe tenants, now they bite  the hand that feedsthey've easily turned a blind  eye toall pain and despairand i pray when they rush is over thattheir gold mines all stand barei'm alright jack and how about you?gonna catch me a wave that'srollin'  throught and turn a trick or twoi'm alright jack, no  flies on me!!i'm  within my rights, my conscience cleari am the profiteer.