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Political - Lyrics by Spirit Of The West

I was tired of being put right downby myself for not being what you     thought you had foundpulled hard in  two directions by a     desire to learn      and my old affectionswhen i tried to share my world with youyou could not seem to toleratethe people i had grown to lovethey shrank  under your scrutiny,   became the ones you'd hatewhy did everything, every little thing    every little thingwith you and me have to be so political?i was feeling a little underwhelmedabout hanging around with you and      feeling over cautiousevery word, every little look, every little sign      every little phraseput me deeper in your doghouseyou'd let me out to run across your worldi ran into a wall you told me i  built youthen you'd reel me in, ream me out, pick me up    push me out again-and then repeat it- chorus -too  busy tripping on my tongue         to try and stand my groundi can still see myself crying in your lapasking you are you happy with the man you have  found?i'm greatful for what you did for mei can see things now i never would have seentoday i thought about what could have beenbut could never be for you and mebecause everything, every little thing     every little thingwtih you and me had to be so political