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Orgasmatron - Lyrics by Motorhead

Transcriptter: L
Slasher [SLT]
Lyrics (
Originally) by: Motorhead
I am the one Orgasmatronthe oustreched grasping handmy image is of agonymy servants rape the landobsequious and arroganceclandestine and paintwo thousend years of miseryof torture in my namehypocrisy made paramountparanoia the lawmy name is called religionsadisticsacredwhore
I twist the truth
I rule the worldmy crown is called deceit
I am the emperor of liesyou grovel at my feet
I rob you and I slaughter youyour downfall is my gainand still you play the sycophantand rebel in your painand all my promises are liesall my love is hate
I am the politicianand I decide your fate
I march before a martiant worldan army for the fight
I speak of great heroic daysof victory and might
I hold a banner drenched in blood
I urge you to be brave
I lead you to your destiny
I lead you to your graveyour bones will build my palacesyour eyes will stud my crownfor I am mars the god of warand I will cut you down------------------------------------E N D-----------------------------------L
Slasher - SLT.
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