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Open Up Your Heart - Lyrics by Lonewolf

I realised, it?s not too late,and pushed my fears right away,and opened up, up the door to your life, uh-yeah.
So now it?s time to put it straight,and push our fears right away,and give each other a helping hand,and let us try to understand,once again..I never realised the size ofwhat this is going to take..
So open up just for this time,up your heart, let it shine!and let me into your soul,to build a home for all time, for all time.
So I began and made it loud,what came out of my mouthwas something you didn?t understand, well, again, uh-yeah.
But as it?s time to put it straight,I tried again, said, what I said,I realized once again, that all my words,that fell like rainhit you hard..I never realized, oh that youfeel the very same, that I feel..
Refrain, Solo
I never realized, oh that you, yeahnever realized, oh that you,ever realized all the same..2x Refrain