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On Perspective Of Spiritual Catharsis - Lyrics by Monumentum

The Silence in my PERFECT Partner
I Feel IT, in my daily Actions
I Remove all the Past ILLUSION
Sthat GRIP away from my mouth
My Carnal Shape is COMPLETE and Strongand this is the PURE Human formthe Sounds of Words and Thoughtsare NOTHING but the Uncertaintyof ALL is supposed to be Known
The LIMBO is the Dry Season I BEG forit Bleeds Out my dreamy Soul, ALONE and lifeless
Sands cover the last CARESS of Lifeno PAIN is concerned to help the REBORN thru my shroud
Hanging in the BALANCE of a perfect Mindand in the Truth of a NON-SENSE RELIGIO
Nonce I fed my HEAD now I BETRAY my Bodyit's all I have the LIES carry an entire Existence
The SEPARATION from every New Dayengulfe the MISERY of me that still Killmy SPIRITUAL MOVEMENT
Sand the SUPREME desire to be one with the Infinityhave Swallowed not only my PRIDE to livebut the Indifference will rule in my World