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Of Vision And Mental Derangement - Lyrics by Darkside

lies and vice burn my head in obscure roomsrush of womans' robe turns me to stonein the door the nightly silhuetteupon my head a rising shade of death
I sank with stoned mouth in the garden of starsshades of murder came over mewith purple brows I went to the woodgods rage slashing my tortured neckheart ringing softly through the darknight fell and my heart cristally brokedarkness slahing my sweating browswhite angels figure appearedblack skies of metalcrosses wave in red stormsa beam freezes in the cloudsand I go downin satans'sweet damnationhate burns my heartfeelmy unbroken forceseemy overshadowed facebreaththe stiffeling airof lust and pain
I recognizethe true nature in myviolencesweetness of pain drives myexstacyin endless search for theappeaserelease
I gather from your painmy senses are unstainedmy heart is pumping redseed has gone insanenothing more to gain