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New Religion - Lyrics by Hoffsten Louise

[L. Hoffsten]A little boy with big blue eyesthinks it rains when heaven cries
He'll have an interesting talk with a birda conversation without a word
Power, he's got power you wouldn't believepower, he will bring you to your knees
Baby you're my new religion
Take me to your paradise
Baby you're my true religiontravelling through the magic sky
I know that love is the reasonfor your mission here on earth
You have saved my soul from eviland given me new birth
Baby you're my new religion
Baby your my new religiontake me on a magic ride
Throw away all superstitionloving is the perfect high
I'll eat your body and drink your bloodfor better or for worseguided by your shining starto the end of the universe
Baby you're my new religion
Baby your my new religiontravelling through eternitydevoted to the new religionyou have given me the key
I wan't your lips to whisper sweetthe gospel in my ears
Lay your warm hands on my bodyprotect it from all fears
Baby you're my new religion