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Naked (When I Take Of All My Clothes) - Lyrics by Brown Jennifer

I know that I could be a tease.
You know that all this smoke is just a screen.
But in this world today, with all the games we play.
This one's not so bad.
Do you really want to be alone tonight?I can't help myself, I can't help myself.CHORUS
When I take of all my clothes,and you're standing very close,I want you to touch me and we fa la la la...
When I'm naked I don't care,as long as you are standing therewhen I take of all my clothes.
We fa la la la...I can dress up like a queen,if make believe is what you want from me.
But any role I play will just be tossed awayeach time I'll make you crazy.
Do you really want to watch the show?
If you help yourself, you can help yourself.CHORUS
Chemistry is not a crime.
Just for people who keep it all wrapped up inside.
Who needs formality in sexuality.(CHORUS)