Mommy And Daddy - Lyrics by Monkees

by Micky Dolenz
Ask your mommy and daddy, "
What happened to the Indian?,"
How come they're all living in places with too much snow and too muchsun?"
Tell your mommy, "I got a funny feeling deep inside of me,"
Ask your daddy, "
Is it really as bad as people make it seem?"
Ask your mommy why everybody swallows all those little pills,
Ask your daddy, "
Why doesn't that soldier care who he kills?"
After they've put you to sleep and tucked you safely down in your bed,
Whisper, "
Mommy and Daddy would you rather that I learned it from myfriends instead?""
Do you think I'm too young to know, to see, to feel, or hear?"
My questions need an answer or a vacuum will appear,"
Don't be surprised if they turn and walk away,
And tell your mommy and daddy that you love them anyway-way-way,
That you love, you love them anyway,
Aha, aha, love, love, love, love and kiss them, too,
Love will set you free,
Love, love, love, love the king,
The kings of EMI once told you, whoa, whoa,
Once told you, now am I....fade out...