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Missing You - Lyrics by Montell Jordan


Huh, yeah
I wanna tell you about this lady
She's so special to me
I want you all to know about her
Know what i'm saying?
Yo, check this out

I got a new lady in my life
And it hurts so much to say goodbye
Every time i'm on the road
In my hotel room alone
I stare at your picture, i miss you
I wanna come home

1 - i miss you so
Counting the tears on my pillow
Nobody knows quite like i know
How i'm missing you
And when those teardrops fall like rain
I don't wanna feel like this again
You hear what i'm saying?
Sydney, i'm missing you

Da-da's home
I'm gonna sweep you off your feet
Hold you in my arms and sing you to sleep
When you're crying
I am going to dry your weeping eyes
Rock you in the midnight hour
Tonight i realize

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

Let me hear you say
Da-da, da-da
The first words you said are ringing in my head again
Da-da, da-da, oh da-da
Everytime i go away, i'm missing you

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

Ad lib until fade