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Message To God - Lyrics by Royal Hunt

The one who's watching over my shoulder - get a life
I see your arms are nailed to the cross but your eyes are so alive
I never thought you're lying but now it's turned aroundso many hearts are dying - you've let them down over and over again
Can't reach you, can't meet you I gave you everything I've gotyou hear me, don't leave me it's my message to you, Godcan't see you, can't feel you I've lost just everything I've gotforget me, you've left me it's my message to you, God
We're busy burning witches the way we've learned from youwe're good at killing creatures, so teach us something new, come on!
One of your own creations is kind of hard to understandyou, freak of nature - just tell me why did you create us man?
Traces of the floor, I can't hear the door closing meright inside me dream, it's a sign from him - let me besunrise through the dust - future in the past chasing meshadows on the wall, voices down the halls calling me over and over again