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Makin A Mess - Lyrics by Royal Hunt

I was raised in a faraway land
Tryin' to be number one
Dad use to tell me - "
Whatever you donever let go 'til you're done"I was fightin' as anyone
I was twisted around
I was broke just as anyone
On the way - way down
Never ever settle for less
Raise you hand it's to kill or to bless
Never ever settle for less
Who needs a crown when your head's on the ground
Let me out I'm just makin' a mess
Chip on my shoulder and look on my face
Changin' my life on the fly
Too late to make it and too late to stop
Too late to figure out why
I can make you as anyone
I can twist around
I can break you as anyoneon the way - way down
The wind of sadness can shade the heart of gold
I'm gonna leave it all behind
I'm prayin' for a break - if I could face the world
Without sadness on my mind