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Little Bit Of Love (1994) - Lyrics by St James Rebecca

There are millions in the world todaysearching for something that can take away the pain
Why don't we show them a little of God's love?
Show His love.CHORUS:
Just a little bit o'love goes a long, long way.
Just a little bit o'love'll make someone's day.
Just a little bit o'love, give it away.
Just a little bit o'love, c'mon let's all share.
Just a little bit o'love, we've got lots to spare.
Just a little bit o'love, show them we care.
God so loved us that He gave His only Son.
So we might love each other just as He has done.
He showed us the way to love everyone.
He's show His love.CHORUS
God gives to us hearts full of love.
So now we must give His love to everyone.
Love is patient, love is kind.
Love is strong and love is blind.
If didn't do wrong, it only forgives.
The more you give away,the more He'll give-a-you to give.CHORUS
Words by Rebecca St. James and Bill Deaton.
Music by Rebecca St. James, Bill Deaton, and Mike Demus.
Copyright © 1994 Up in The Mix Music/BMI/ASCAP/
All rights reserved.