Lilli Schull - Lyrics by Uncle Tupelo

a great crowd has now gatheredall around the jail todayto see me executedand hear what I do saynow I must hang this morningfor the murder of Lilli Schullwhom I so cruelly murderedand her body shamefully burnedthe fire where I burned heris again now within my sighther lovely face recoveringand the fire that burned so brightthe cries of poor Lilliagain I can almost hearas she begged me not to kill herher life alone to sparenow I bow down to Jesusin penitential griefand I beg him now to save melike he did the dying thief
God bless my aged parentswho mourn for me aloneand my wife and babywho will be left aloneit was then that I heard a whisperin a most gentle tonemy grave is one sufficientto save the vilest one