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Like You - Lyrics by Lonewolf

You, you are still the same
You, you are the one to blameyou make me wanna shout, you make me wanna cryyou
`re driving in your car while other people dieyou
`re hiding in your job, sayin
`" That
`s other men
`s work"but you ain
`t see nothing,, so come on, shut up, Sir
Refrain: Hey, Mister, can
`t you see, this world is goin
`downfrom once a point so high to the new point on the groundso come on, let us change together, oh, come on it
`s truethis world is falling down with people like you
You, you are a boring man
You, you are a destroyed canyou
`re working for a house, with a garden so niceyou
`re working for a car and a family, what
`s the priceother people die with a feeling and a heartyou are a thing-lovig man with no guts for a new start