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Lies - Lyrics by Royal Hunt

Feels like I'm covered in liesso turn off the light, I'm closing my eyes
Flying back, ages ago
Curtain is down and I'm ready to goback to the day when I looken into your eyes
Straight to your heart, when I knewyou've been telling me lies
Even the day when we met
I'll always recall with the deepest regret
Tell me what keeps you awake:
Talk of the angel or soul of the snake?
How can you live in your shadow from within
Hiding away from the light in the river of sin?
Lies, neverinding lies, I see it in your eyes
Did you stop believing ?
Lies always cold as ice, even heaven criesfor you, but not forgiving
Lies, the way to paradise you're gonna pay the priceon the field of growing lies
Neverending lies need a sacrifice,you're the one who's going down
Dealing with you on my own
Loosing my faith so I have to be strongcrossing the sea of mistrust whilelooking for gold which you covered with dust