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Keep Your Pride - Lyrics by Lonewolf

Look into the mirror, what can you seeyour innocent face starts to bother metell me brother what
`s the matter with you
`cause people tell you lies and you think it
`s true
Bridge: So take a deeper look into your heart
`cause there is something to keep and something to guard
Refrain: Keep your pride you have nothing to hidejust another day to show: it
`s your own way to golet them scream your name, just go on straight
`cause this is your game
Take a little look into the crowdif you listen to them closely you will hear it loudif they think you are different, they try to denyit seems they have forgotten what
`s the reason why
Bridge: So beware on your way, they wanna be your lordsshow them your claws, let them never kill your thoughts