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Jenny Mattress - Lyrics by Dahlgren Eva

Jenny Mattress is a friend of mine
Jenny Mattress is on her way down
She's a living love machine
Jenny Mattresscan you really feel the lightwhen you're lying in your bedlate at nightwith the fattest ugliest manyou've ever seen
At least you can pretendthat there's a lifeafter you've been born
Even if you saw what you saw,that the class-distinctionis as big as high and low
Why Jenny why,I'm too near the border
Why Jenny why,I'm stuck in this line
Why Jenny why
I can't take orders
Why Jenny why,I don't really want my life
Jenny Mattresscan't you see the danger
Oh Jenny you just can't win
You're a woman you shall be quietwhen he locks you inand if he ain't paying youjust let him go
He can beat you up,do so much more
You are quiet, as a living wall
At least you can pretendthat there's lifeafter that you've been born
Even if we ain't livingby the same laws
It's easy to rule youwhen you too small