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In Nomine - Lyrics by Darkside

a hell of self caused painlewd paints harass meno heart was ever caught and cursedin such venial lustdecay of dreammade fearoverflows my tired heartonly disgust remained of sweetness bleedingin caddish painloud rushes the sirens welldark hales the sphynx before our guiltour hearts trembling with filthwe cry forgive us our sinstortured by god and crushed in my facefrom our souls' darkened blissremained only a feeling of bashfulnessthe day before in distorted glancebeating to bars of heretic songsin despair and sadful gracebrighter the stars of forgotten hopereflecting our godless sinaway you haunting facewith unamable fearthrill of delight trembles the embersof my breathcome and get meyou never succeedchoke the life out of you with palehands
I open it the door of lifeand breathe the world again
I amam sound and hot coloured lifestill my blood flows
I am