In My African Dream - Lyrics by Clegg Johnny

Something broke the place where the rain is bornbsomething stole the promise from the light of dawnpeople, people were everywhere struggling to get their sharehonest cruelty in the eyes of the innocentsqueezing one more harvest from this tired earththey call to you, but the wind just blows away their wordsdidn't believe in miracles, didn't believe you'd comedidn't see any reason to carry on
But in my African Dream, you touched my faceraised up my children and gave them gracein my African Dream you wiped away my tearsand whispered the promise of a thousand years
Children with eyes like souls ready to flylooking at me -- for some kind of sacred signwho will teach the young, the names of the ancient oneswho will tell them from whence they come
I have no answer, don't even have a prayer
All I can do is close my eyes and hope that you will be thre
In my African Dream you blessed the rainlet me stand proud, eased the pain,you raised me up,gave me love, filled my cup.
Old man sits in the shade of the thorn treeehe says "these thorns are all that are truelife is suffering, suffering is life,be happy with the small things that come to you
They will come to you, come to you."