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Imaginations From The Other Side - Lyrics by Blind Guardian

Where are these silent faces
I took them allthey all went awaynow you're aloneto turn out every light so deep in mehold on, to late
Will I ever see them back againor did they all die by my handor where they killedby the old evil ghostwho had takenthe oceanof all my dreamswhich were worth to keepdeep inside my heart
I wish Icould get them backfrom the everflowbefore they'll fade away
Imaginations from the other sidefar out of nowhereit got back to my mind
Imaginations from the other sidefar out of nowhereit got back to my mindout of the darkback to the lightthen I'll break downthe walls around my heart
Imaginations from the other side
Where's the ocean's daughterwas Peter Pan in Mordorno one's there to keep aliveall these fairy talesmay I return to Ozwill I meet the "
Tin Man""
Coward Lion" where are youwithout brain the scarecrow's lostin the middle of the lakestranded in the real worldleft in a worldno place for daydreamsserious life
I fall into
I fall into a dark holeand I can't come outdo you know if Merlin did existor Frodo wore the ringdid Corum kill the godsor where's the wonderlandwhich young Alice had seenor was it just a dream
I knew the answersnow they're lost for me
Solo)I hope there is a way backwith my talismanso I look into myselfto the days when I was just a childcome follow me to wonderlandand see the tale that never endsdon't fear the lion nor the witch
I can't come back
I'm lost but still I knowthere is another world