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Ground Zero Brooklyn - Lyrics by Carnivore

Home watching Star Trekeverything's o.k.little do I know
Soviet missiles are on the waythe bastards set loosethe wardogs Tyr and Lokiweatherman's predicting rainbut fire it'll be
Minutemen launching, Air-sirens haunting
Warheads detonating, Cremating
I'm living at - Ground Zero
I'm dying at
I'm burning at
I'm frying at
From my bed I hear the sirensscreaming of forebodingpopulous escaping highways overloadingbridge is down tunnel's floodedonly got six minuteshead between my legs I kiss my balls goodbyethey're finished
MX's blasting, Skyscrapers crashing
Fallout liberated, We're wasted
Jesus I beg of theedon't take my lifereturn me to the wombfrom which I was tornbirth is a sinand the punishment is death
I wish you had left me unborn
I shit my pants as I wait for the reaperlie in fetal positiontears stream down my cheeksas I call out for my motherand say an act of contritionwe'll fight this war with germs and atomsdestroy our only homeour mutated descendants battle the nextwith sticks and stones
Are we not savagesinnately destined to maim and kill?blame it on the environmentheredity or evolution we're still responsibleour intelligence may progressat geometric ratesyet socially we remain belligerent neonates