Flowers For The Silver Man - Lyrics by Legendary Pink Dots

Capsule was diving, the temperature rising. Was hardlysurprising his tears turned to steam in the blink of an eye.
Just the hint of a cry. Baby knew he was dying - he knew he hadfailed. And the mountainside opened - a moment to pray for allthe souls he'd come to save. Now he couldn't save himself.
That's the way the world goes round. It spins so fast. It madehim giddy - sucking all the power from the Silver Man.
Clouds formed a halo, the sky turned to day-glo in red andin yellow. The smoke spread for miles. They stood back andwaited then moved armour plated - a night and a day cutting
Silver Man free! But guns were sheathed, he'd long stoppedbreathing. They carried him away. (
No-one saw the priestscamper through the darkness, clutching at a package, wadingthrough the wreckage. Scatter. Scattered flowers for the Silver Man.)
Scientists raised hell and smashed all their razors.
Tried chainsaws, tried lasers - could not leave a mark!
Then sweat on the hotlines, `
If Silver Man's hostile,point all of your missiles up in the sky!' And eyes watchedfor armies on lonely horizons and down in crowded cities.....A multi-coloured, multi lingual vigil through the day andthrough the night. Suffer. Suffered hours for the silver men!
Down in the garden, hands clutching a garland, the Silver Man'ssolemn but he's trying to smile. Aware of his failure, the worldstill in danger.....
He takes comfort from angels. They tell him
You tried! ` But Silver Man knows there's no hope anymore.
The sky is getting darker, it promises a shower. Showers for the
Silver Man! Promnezh Nivarrh!