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Fantasy - Lyrics by Trix

We're togethermore than ever
Everlastingeverlasting -
Only you and oniy me and
Too badit's really too sad
Too trueit's really not true.
Just a day-dreamevery-night dream
Not the real thing.
Fantasy - I'm only dreaming
Fantasy - make believing
Fantasy - just a dreamer now.
Fantasy - just a notion
Fantasy - a dream emotion
Fantasy - just a dreamer now.
When you see meyou don't see me -
Not the real menot the real me.
You just walk bynever say "hi" -
Maybe you're shy
I'm shy.
Every time that I pass you
I'm too mixed up to ask you
So I leave itgo home and dream it
In my minds-eye.
Fantasy - I'm only dreaming. . .
Lonely dreamerlonely dreamer
Lonely dreamerlonely dreamer. . .
Fantasy - I'm only dreaming. . .