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Falling Star - Lyrics by Lonewolf

I feel the morning rise,kissin? the night away,drowning in the city lights,swallowin? every ray.
Uh.. drag me into your blue sky.I?m flyin? through endless skies,painted in sorrow and tears,I?m fallin? through endless nights,lighted up with fears.
Uh.. drag me into your blue sky,
Uh.. send me your rays, me your rays..
Tumble down,grab my hand, I?ll catch you, falling star.
Trust in me,I?ll never loose your hand and your heart.
Fly with me,and feel the wind, rushing through your soul,your soul,through your soul.
Sea of tears, finding soil,in every breath you take.
Waterpot, comin? to boil,in everything you do.
Uh.. pull me out of my tears,
Uh.. fill my life with joy, with joy..
Refrain Solo
Tumble down!I help you, I feel you..
Drown in tears!I help you, I?ll be your breath..